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YOU WOULD SURPASS GOD, YET YOU LOOK LIKE A DEMON (my form is that of an ogre)

Black★Star is named by both the past and the future. Regrets and aspirations. Horror and help. The list could go on and on, though he would prefer it not to. He always tries to be loud in his actions, and this is a large part of why: if he's trying to put on a show, then nobody will be paying attention to anything else.

Not that he is aware of this, but the subconscious operates a good part of his actions.

Black★Star's father and mother were members of the infamous Star Clan. This is a group of ninjas whom were widely known for doing anything for money. However, over time, money wasn't enough - their greed demanded more. At this point, they started to hunt souls, eating each one as a demon would. They wanted to turn into kishin, you see, which is the ultimate end of the path for a corrupted human. This is walking the path of the demon rather than the path of a human, and leads to no good at all.

Shibusen, the elite school for training weapons and meisters in the world, would kill the entire Star Clan, including Black★Star's father, White☆star. He holds no grudge over this - indeed, he says that they "brought it on themselves". Though many would questions these actions, a member of the school, Sid Barrett, would rescue him as a a baby and raise him to live well in spite his heritage. As Black★Star is an elite meister in the group of Spartoi, one would probably say he did it well. As a meister, he wields a weapon, as they all do. This is a human who can turn into weapon form.

Of course, you can't raise someone to perform well if they don't try to help themselves, too. Black★Star never stops trying. He will live out actions that seem to be impossible to anyone else. He will act happy-go-lucky and reckless, but he really is thinking behind of all of that. Of course, not all his traits are due to his familial past - would anyone's be? Though he has struggled with staying on the right course, he always comes back to it in the end. His three goals in life are simple: become a huge star, become stronger than the Gods, be able to protect his friends. At one point, when asked what type of power he would like, he simply said this: "The power I want is power." To this goal, he is willing to risk even his soul itself, though his reasonings for this have changed over the years.

He and his friend Death the Kid were recently given control over a being made of pure insanity. They can use this insanity because they've become immune to it themseves. They only implement this control in battle, where the influence and presence of insanity can become quite the liability to others.

Black★Star's weapon is named Tsubaki. She is a dark sword and a ninja weapon. Though in her human form she is older, she identifies well with Black★Star and the others of their group. He would never abandon her - more so than anyone else. He would never abandon his friends, either, but as with all meisters, his weapon is more important than life itself.

Name: Black★Star (the Great)
Age: ? in Milliways, 16 in EBX.
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Spartoi, DWMA / Shibusen / Class Crescent Moon
Technician Type: Dark Blade
CR.: Here
Available Attacks: soon

Black★Star is from Soul Eater, and is the property of Okubo Atsushi. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]ebxrpg, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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